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Why list with us?


1.Get more for less

Need to update flooring, paint, or just fix up some things around the house before listing?  We've got you covered.  With years in the industry, we have built up great relationships with excellent, well priced contractors that want to HELP!  


Need a moving truck?  We've got one! Our office has two box truck, available for use for all clients.  It's FREE! And we will fill up the gas tank for you. 

Staging or virtual staging?!  We have GOT YOU COVERED.  Our photography and design pros are on hand to get your home ready to list!

2.We care about our clients!

Our clients are our priority.  Whether you sell OR buy with us, we put your best interest before anything else! List with us and we work our hardest to promote your property in it's very best light.  We fight for what you deserve in selling your home and make sure that you are in the very best hands. 

3.Professional Photos

Every listing, regardless of size, price, or location, gets professional listing photos of each angle of your property! This service comes right along with listing your house, no charge!

4.Listing Videos

We promote your listing on social media with professional video! Just like the photos, this comes right along with the listing of your home.  No charge!

5.Direct Communication

List with us, and you have direct communication with YOUR agent.  Not an assistant or another agent, but the agent you listed with will always respond direct and timely any time you need them!

6.Custom Target Marketing

Using social media technology, we are able to set a customized plan for your listing geared towards clientele who have been repeatedly looking for your home's criteria!   

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