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A m a n d a  S h a f e r

Creativity. An eye for detail. Excellent work ethic. Loyalty. Passion.


These are words that describe me!  After spending years in the real estate industry providing professional listing photos, videos, logos, headshots, and more to other realtors, I decided that I should start marketing MY OWN listings in the way I help other agents market theirs.   I am thrilled to now be a licensed agent and ready to use my attributes to HELP YOU find the home of your dreams and/or sell the one you currently own.


When working with clients, I always keep in mind that home buying and selling is a life-changing decision, and not always an easy one!  I pay close attention to detail and fight for my clients to receive the most out of a transaction as possible.  In this life-changing move that my clients make, I want to make sure they are comforted and secure in the decisions made.


Beyond that, and most importantly, I am ALWAYS one call or text away.  I keep my phone on me at all times and am ready to help with all questions or concerns my clients may have.  So, please, pick up the phone and call me today!  I would love to help YOU.

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